The Witch Hut

Hello guys, This is my latest project based on a reference by the artist Gargi Roy. I was going with witches as a theme for this project :smiling_imp: and I am really satisfied with it although it might lack in some aspects. I also tried some stuff like simulation/physics :fire:, sculpting :skull: and texture painting :paintbrush:. Tips are mostly welcomed as they help to improve :heart:.


i would suggest ramping up the focal blur and fog to keep up the spooky vibes and focus on the tent.

also you need to choose a light source might it be the camp fire, the tiki poles or the red cones to be the central light. when they are all of the same strength they feel like there all competing together rather than blending smoothly (in short - ramp up that contrast (you could also do this with some uv clamping)) to creat mood and focus

you seem to already have a great sense of fore ground and mid ground which is great but i feel we can play on this even more!
take some inspiration from the work of Alejandro Burdisio ( with this art piece to rely frame your scene and ground it in the real world.

great job keep it up!

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I totally got your point. Thank you a lot for such a precise critic, I really appreciate it :heart:. I will try to improve it and keep the advice on my mind while working on future projects.