The Wizard

Hello. I was wondering if anyone would like to help me with this project. I’m not the best when it comes to blender but I know the basics.
Title: “The Wizard”
Concept: Make a wizard that does stuff along with my favorite music.
Example: The song called “The Wizard” from Black Sabbath is a great song for this. Say the camera slowly fades in on this old guy with a weathered wizard hat and a white beard sitting in the ally of New York. He has a harmonica and plays that opening harmonica solo. Then it’s a montage of him throughout the rest of the song.
Why I’m asking the public: Again, I’m not the best with blender. I’d like someone who knows how to animate, someone for the textures, someone for the models and rigging, and someone for song synchronization.
Note: This is not a paid project. Just out of spare time. Post your reply.

I think you should post this request on the Pixar web site.

You’ll probably get the same response :cool:


I doubt they use blender though. I don’t want anyone to feel like it is a job either. I just thought it be a fun project for some people here.

Perhaps it would be a fun project for you!? :rolleyes:

Perhaps we need a sticky about Forum usage (not the one that talks about using vBulletin). Now that I know what you want to do, please be aware that without any show of your level of skill, no one will ever take you seriously, let alone jump in on your project. If you are being ignored or people are being harsh, that is just because we’ve seen way too many threads like this.

Oh, and by the way, do not double post, ever, unless you have very good reason.


Seens all I get is denial. It is now a lone project. I’ll post when I am done.

Stumpiest idea ever! How do like them balls?

But yeah. I’ll be watching this thread for progress. But only till the year 2060. If I’m still alive.

Good luck.


Okay, Im done.

Okay, no Im not.

Why I’m asking the public: Again, I’m not the best with blender. I’d like someone who knows how to animate, someone for the textures, someone for the models and rigging, and someone for song synchronization.
Note: This is not a paid project. Just out of spare time. Post your reply.

Are you for real? Really for real? If there was a list of stupid threads like this(“please animate/model/do everything for me, I have a terrible Idea for a short and cant use Blender, thanks!”), this would probably be #1.

And there have been some bad ones. Best of luck.

Yeah, really. At least most people say they’re going to do some part of the project themselves…

The Zelda Movie one is another that springs to mind.

True that.

Dude Don’t Give up Hope - It’s all Learnin’

It wasn’t do everything for me, it was meant more as an invitation. To do with me. We could all be a bunch of noobs for all I care. Any way, I have the head done, the body is a work in progress. I’ve decided that he will have no eyes (since you will never ever see them), and a small beard. Then I’m goin to go out and shoot a busy sidewalk and combine that video sequence with the animation I’m going to make in blender. I may be a noob with blender, but I was raised with computers and this shouldn’t take that long. It is the rendering and getting it to match the music that I plan to take the longist. LOL.
In a nutshell (for lazy bums): Head=done
Body= not done
Everything else, not done.
Screen Shots= nonexistant (so far)

Questions: Robe hood or wiz hat (the pointy one)?

I apologize for being so harsh. Let me rephrase a bit… whatever you have, post it in the Works in Progress section. People are more than willing to help if you are willing to learn. I understand that it may have been your good intention but we’ve seen large number of posts in the past where people wanted others to do stuff for them and these people have never shown an ounce of skill or prior experienxe; so they get shot down.

Anyway, please show off your works in appropriate forums like Work in Progress. If you’re new to CG and/or Blender, its the best way to start. Also, if you need feedback about ideas, then News & Discussion or Off Topic may be appropriate as long as you’re not asking people to do your work for you. Theres no reason you cannot carry on an intelligent discussion or debate about different aspects of CG-related work.


Alright, be watching the works in progress for this post, I’ll get it up as soon as I have screen shots

At least i’m doing something. What are you doing, free_ality?
Everyone is SO discouraging on this site.
It really get’s on my nerves.

And all these ridiculous projects are getting on our nerves!

Guys, I think you need to relax. Blender is a really neat tool, and having used Maya for years I can confidently say that it’s getting close to the professional stuff that the big boys use. Newbies see Blender and all the artwork made with it, and it’s natural for them to just spring to life and see this as their big chance to bring that idea of theirs to life at last.

What people don’t realize is how long these things take. The concept described here could take months for a small team to produce, or years if it’s just one person working on it, if you hope to have it look somewhat descent. Add to that the fact that this does take a certain degree of skill.

Blender doesn’t make you into an artist. It’s a tool, in the same way that a paintbrush or a pencil are tools. How your project will look will depend greatly on how much skill is being put behind it, and how much time the artist is willing to sink in. There is no “make it awesome” button, and there never will be.

Do you want to be taken seriously on a project like this? Here’s how: Put online a portfolio of some artwork that you have created. This will give you some street cred. The better the artwork, the more credibility you will gain from it. Then create some artwork that relates to the project you want to pitch, as well as a script, and even better would be a storyboard and animatic to go with that.

Doing this will show that you are serious, you will be the principle contributor, and will send a message to others who may potentially help you that the piece you are creating may be a great addition to their portfolio- something that most artists could use. But be aware that this won’t guarantee interest, what I’m trying to point out is that the way you presented yourself here was not only amusing; but for many members who have seen dozens of others present themselves in a similar manner, irritating as well. Just scan through the comments in this thread for proof of that.

But all this said, it’s kinda sad how mean the rest of you are. You really need to come up with a better way to handle threads like this. It seems like every time someone comes on here with an “OMG I HAS D1S AWES0ME IDEA HELP ME MAKE IT!!!1!one” thead, you guys cut them off at the knees. Way to be welcoming and friendly.

I’m gonna start one soon. So get ready to be ridiculized! I’m serious.:RocknRoll:


While it’s true that some members can be… overly enthusiastic.
There is a stickied thread in this same forum, that suggests for much of the info you advised.
Advertising for help - Commercial & Non-commercial. Read this first!
So when some one doesn’t bother to do a little bit of research,(or even just look around before posting), or even worse ignores what they find, doesn’t bode well. (And in my mind justifies some of the members.)

Anyway, good luck Redgeofang, I hope you make an awesome movie, and if you don’t don’t feel bad. :wink: