The Wizzard (University Assessment) - Important

Good Evening Blender Community!

I’m looking for some feedback in relation to my character which I’m working on for my final first year Computer Animation assessment. Mainly I’m looking for critique in relation to the colours but if there will be any other adjustments I will be happy to hear feedback about them as well.

It’s very important for me so please take some time to review my work.

I’m an Blender Artist by about 4 years now and Currently using Maya and Zbrush for my University Assessment.

Thank you:

Mieszko Lacinski
3D Generalist

I understand this is a fantasy character and anything goes, but his grey skin just doesn’t work for me. The staff attracts more attention than the wizard himself. Even if you don’t want to change his skin color, you should really consider giving him colorful clothes

This is really hard to comment on.

The lighting for the scene…needed to be better so we can see what we are looking at…

Bring up the red and grey colors you have going on…right now it’s so subtle that it might as well be all grey.