"The World in my Mind"

The World in my Mind” is the name of this collection, which shows the ways the world works in my mind right here right now

The things that dominate my mind are usually my family and my friends, who play important parts in my life. This project express what I see and how I feel towards these people, and through this project, I also want to build some memory with them.

The style of this project is quite hard to describe. Once I accidentally used my girlfriend’s favourite colors to mix with my favourite realistic style and dark colors. The result comes up pretty weird to me then, … and I am kinda like it. So, here it is, the style that you are looking at. Thanks for spending time listening to my noise. Let’s take a look and enjoy.

http://images-cdn.moviepilot.com/images/c_fill,h_1443,w_960/t_mp_quality/zgkfnzgtlzpopi5ofmlr/the-wolrd-in-my-mind-em-for-harley-502952.jpgEM – For HarleyEM – For Harley

  • This is the way I feel about my love right at the moment I draw it, with my bare emotion after our fight. I always say to her “Don’t just hide away your emotions towards me; don’t ignore my hands when I want to hold your hands” but still, she is a great actress in hiding her pain and sorrow. There are things that I can never hide, through what I create. This is a gift that for both of us, a piece of memory that created with her favorite colors. “See it with your heart, not only your eyes, the rough road has only started. Challenge and obstacles are everywhere, so, this may help us keep standing up and moving forward on the path that we both choose. This is called the happy light in difficulties; this is how I stand up after many failures”.

http://images-cdn.moviepilot.com/images/c_fill,h_1442,w_960/t_mp_quality/ydu2cd0d7i5mfsxngokp/the-wolrd-in-my-mind-sister-for-an-502953.jpgSISTER – For Ân

  • My adopted sister that I have not met for long time. I draw this illustration based on some pieces of memory about her, “Happy belated Birthday to you, my little sis. Cheer up no matter how far we are, your big brother still can listen to you. Just let thing go with its flow, heads up and walk slow. You are strong and you can do what you want. Proud of you.”

http://images-cdn.moviepilot.com/images/c_fill,h_1443,w_960/t_mp_quality/bbf1zcjvqulflwzmqoms/the-wolrd-in-my-mind-jungle-wolf-502954.jpgJungle Wolf

  • Daily emotion, for me, is just a bright-fun-colorful-mask that people wear at daytime. This mask acts as a shield which protect for their bare feelings that has been hidden deep down inside. Most of my friends, after several conversations, I found out that they all have broken pieces of their soul, a dark empty room in their heart that they hide so well in front of the eyes of their so-call-friends or even families. And so on, they even hide it from their own eyes to convince themselves that they already forget.

http://images-cdn.moviepilot.com/images/c_fill,h_1443,w_960/t_mp_quality/uklrvsmy41smknrimib4/the-wolrd-in-my-mind-jungle-buffalo-502955.jpgJungle Buffalo

  • Sometimes, you will be judged over the attitude you treat others. For some, that attitude is cool or acceptable, but for others, that attitude is totally like-evil or unacceptable. The blurred lines between black and white, good and evil depends on the eyes of the audience and depends on what the audiences have been through or suffered. He may looks like a monster, but nobody can tell is he a real monster or not. I always ask myself if I have the ability to see hope and positive light from any monsters I met.


  • With sexy curves and smooth sparkling skin, appear in colorful and bright theme, anybody will easily fall in love with such lady. However, you will surprise when you come closer and make friends with her and find out how bitchy and mean she is.


  • Behind all tough, rough and manly muscles, is it all what he really want?

http://images-cdn.moviepilot.com/images/c_fill,h_1443,w_960/t_mp_quality/imw58boa2euzgtf4hh9z/the-wolrd-in-my-mind-fire-in-the-water-502958.jpgFire in the water

  • After all advice and complaints to stop you from doing what you want, will you still keep your faith in the path that you have chosen? I maybe am a tough-headed person who still really wants to try more than my best to explore my limitations. Whether those advices are right or wrong, I will critically judge it first, then, I will just let myself go with my emotional flow and all the things I want to come to the end with, to push myself to the very limits. Why fire cannot sparkle under water? :wink:

http://images-cdn.moviepilot.com/images/c_fill,h_1443,w_960/t_mp_quality/uxcajshv4tuebq0r6etv/the-wolrd-in-my-mind-animal-or-human-being-502959.jpgAnimal or Human-being?

  • Sometimes, in this life, you will meet some kind of people that act not really like human. When facing towards problems, that “so-call-human” will be the first to disappear, despite all good things that he has just show-off lately. I just suddenly think of these two animals. I combine them with that human, and it is the creature you are looking at now. I myself cannot tell that creature is human or animals. How ironic!

http://images-cdn.moviepilot.com/images/c_fill,h_1443,w_960/t_mp_quality/ktpbwn71f6g7m4d4fqfq/the-wolrd-in-my-mind-wake-up-502960.jpgWake up

  • At some certain time, I realize that my friends whenever they are in sad period of life, they usually want to escape from those things by several methods. Some will got themselves to be dead-drunk to fall into sleep, some work themselves out to be deadly-exhausted to forget about those sad moments or problems, and hope that after waking up, every those dark pieces are just dreams. However, through my lens, this real life will not let you easily forget like forgetting a dream. This is my experience, my feelings after thousands times that I wake up hoping that I forget the problems somehow. But against my wish, the sad and sorrow just still stays the same, the pain is still so real just like yesterday, no matter how hard I try to hide myself or forget it.

So, I talk to myself, why not think the other way around, why not try to solve the problems? May I cannot know about the results, but I know one thing for sure, that I have try my very best to accept the present and keep standing up after failures, to keep walking on the path that I have chosen. After all, people feel better after they cry, aren’t they? I think so, so maybe it is.

Exhibition was at deciBel, 26th March 2015 - Vietnam

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