the world of one scene is passing to others

I m having a weird bug from blender where I have a scene with a blue world collor and even if I remove this scene the world collor of the back dont go away, so I have another scene that have a white world collor but instead of a white BG it shows the blue collor on the back if I had loaded the scene with the blue world collor first.
What can I do about this?

I’m guessing that might be because you’re mixing up shading modes? Each scene (for whatever reason) can have its own shading mode, and the game will play through in whatever mode is set first. It really should be set across the entire blend file… Anyway, make sure that you’re using the correct shading mode.

Also, are you using a bge.texture video texture? If so, then you might be looking at the background of the video texture, which is pure blue by default.

its not because of the bge.texture. each of the stages of my game have at least 3 scenes playing simultaniosly, the first is the game, the second is the overlay clock and paintboard and the controll, but you can have a background scene that is optinal and this is the scene that have this blue world(I needed it because of the mist), and this scene is spreading to other scenes even if I remove the scene, i think that this is probably a internal blender bug that cant be solved… I can find ways through it but it ll make me add more elements unfortnably.
Aniway thanks solar lune.

Have you tried this?

import bge

cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.owner

bge.render.setBackgroundColor([255, 255, 255, 1])
bge.render.setMistColor([255, 255, 255])

Uhmm thanks Radibutton, I think that this could be usefull indeed, Its very simple and I think that it may work out! I ll test it thanks Radibutton!