The World's Fastest Helicopter

A small group are working towards building the world’s fastest helicopter. We believe we can exceed the predicted speed of the Boeing Sikorsky Defiant ( designed for 280kts) by 20 to 70kts.
Our initial build will be a heavy-lift hybrid co-axial drone. Certification of a UAS is significantly less than that a manned aircraft. The manned versions will follow.
We are new to Blender and seek the services of a Blender Artist with Futuristic Imagination as well as animation skills.

We know what we want but need expertise to make it a reality.

Our first drone will lift 650kg and fly at 220kts. The applications it can task are many.
Initially we are focusing on Emergency Services after the devastation caused by bush fires then floods in Australia over the past months. In discussions with RFS, CFA and RAFT personnel, it has been made obvious to us that our drone’s capabilities will change the face of fire fighting around the world. Logistics is another large market while the ability to fight cladding fires in tall buildings ( to 300m) is a special application.

We want our design to hold unique elements that would distinguish the brand from other models on the market, whilst also being able to be replicated within future iterations of the aircraft.

We need animations to show the versatility of our aircraft.

A requirement for the successful applicant is that they must be an Australian citizen.
We can discuss the reasons for this at a later time.


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Hello Max,

I would like to assist you
PM sent


Hello Max,
Kindly check the PM sent.

Email: [email protected]
Regards, Rajeev

Hi, is this a paid job? It’s just that this is in the paid work section but makes no mention of remuneration. Thanks.

We are unsure of the cost to produce what we want and that is why we need to have discussions with Blender Artists. Please be assured that the lowest quote may not be accepted,

Regards, Max

I’ve done some Animations for the Boeing/Sikorsky X2 demo a long time ago.
But alas I’m not Australian :slight_smile:

Dear Mash3D

Thank-you for your interest in our project.

We seem not to have had any responses from Australians to date. Should we find it necessary yo go offshore, Non Disclosure Agreements would be essential.

Could you please provide the following?

  1. Your city of domicile

  2. Your nationality

  3. Your depth of knowledge of Aeronautics

  4. Any examples of work/designs in the aviation area. Do you have any examples from your eariler work on the X2?

  5. Your contract rate of remuneration

  6. Any recent animations you may have done.

  7. The number of hours per week you have available to work on our project.

  8. Contact details : email, phone, WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype or similar


Max Thomson


Hyper Q Aerospace

Hi Thanks for the interest . I sent a reply through the Hyper Q Aerospace website.
If you can send me a private message and I will reply to it also.

Hi Michael,

Both Vimeo links came up as Unauthorized.

Could you please check them or resend new links?



Hi, Thanks for letting me know. I sent the link to you thought the company web page. let me know if you get them. Thank you

Hi Michael,
Could you please send me your phone number or a Skye name for a conversation?

What is the best time of day to chat to you?



Hi Max,

I just contacted you through your website with our details.



Hi, I sent a message through the web site. Just let me know if you did not get it.
Thanks, Michael

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