The Wrath Comic Sketchbook

Wrath #1 is now available online!

You can download Wrath #1 here:

Download Includes:

  • Full resolution copies of Wrath #1 and Wrath:Raw the unshaded variant
  • CBZ, PDF and HTML5 formats
  • Page transitions and Interactive Splash Panels in HTML5 version

You can read a lo-res version free here:

Hello all,

Im launching a 3D comic book in October called Wrath. Blender is the main hub in its creation.

I’ll drop of WIP panels and promo art in this sketchbook.

The website for the comic is

Facebook :



George King, a supporting character

Diffuse and Shadow Pass for George


Nate Mira, the protagonist

couple of Wip panels:

I’ve been messing around with the ink filters a bit more.

Panel work today

Omega’s 3D turntables are live on the site.

A bit of character work

New panel done today.


Doing some skin shader work

very impressive, nice work.:wink:
The shaders are also very interesting.

thanks! high praise coming from you

Another WIP panel

A bit of unshaded panel work. Im doing an unshaded variant book as well.

A bit of gruesome art

Richard corben in his good days!:yes:
the hands are very well shaped!

lol not yet, but im trying to get there. thanks man!

Omega Strike before the fall