The Year of the Rat

If you were born in 2008, 1996, 1984, 1948, etc., you are a Rat. This is your year, so get out there and pursue those pipe dreams ā€“ may they lead to exciting and fragrant destinations!

A Chinese New Years e-card. Animated in Grease Pencil.

The limit of having one mask per grease pencil object was a bit of a killer here. I had intended to do the background in grease pencil but ended up using clip studio paint because of this.
Also, any shape used as a mask loses antialiasing, but I worked around this by exporting the project much bigger and shrinking it down when I exported it as a gif (The gif format helped too)

Overall Iā€™m pretty pleased with the result and becoming particulally dependent on Grease Pencils sculpting tools.


wonderful animation

Thanks. Kind if you to comment

1960 here, so also a rat. Nice job. Loved the blur on the head turn.

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Thanks. The grease pencil sculpting tools are great for that sort of thing. Fun Too! :smiley: