The Yeshua Dreamcatcher

It’s call The Yeshua Dreamcatcher.

Here’s what I wrote to go along with it.

Your healing words flowed through my spirit
like the wind.
Your love caught my sins like the spiders web
catches the morning dew.
Your passionate love burned into my heart like
a blazing fire.
Your blood washed away my sin and gave me life
like the river washes away the dirt and gives life
to every living thing.
You are my dreamcatcher.
You make my dreams, my destiny come true.
Letting in your love and taking away my sins.

Anybody wanna comment? Well the feathers are modeled. They’e pretty simple.

Its really good. I like the idea too.
The bottom feather look blurred. Did u use static particles to create it?

I like it as well, though I think you need to spend a little more time on the textures. Specifically, I think the twigs have too much specularity, and I don’t think that the twine/string has the right type of material (it looks like metal wire right now). However, I would like to say that, other than that, it is a very finished piece.

Keep up the good work,

Man I’m floored by the poem, that’s awesome… As far as the crituque i’d have to agree with the above posts. Kepp it up.