The Younglady!

Hello there everyone! I’ve been snooping around blender artists and decided to actually be a part of the community! From the looks of everything, I have a lot to learn. But I’m pretty proud of how much I’ve accomplished so far.

I’m fifteen years old, and still learning the ropes here.

In case you are familiar with the game Transistor, I am in love with its style. I especially love the enemy’s design. So I decided to add in my own style and try to take on trying to model, composite, and materialize my project, which is my second serious render, meaning I have broke through the Minecraft stage to attempt blossoming into a new world.

Here, this took a total of 1400 light samples, and it took 7 minutes to render. I’m not sure how much time I would’ve save if I had a GPU, but what can you do.

Yes I am a little rough around modelling the character. You can compare it with the original Younglady if you look it up. You will see a totally different texture and model. My intention was not to replicate it, but to come close and still add in another style that I see fitting, which I have accomplished at this milestone.

It does looks different from what I saw after googling ‘game transistor younglady’… but provided your condition of not copying it and to do it in your own style …it looks pretty awesome!!