Thea Render: Call for Beta Testers


Here is original message. From my side I can only add that I’m writing exporter for Blender and it should be available to test along with Thea.

Dear all,

We are really close to a turning point at this moment. A lot of features have been implemented, all the render engines have become very stable and the studio has already taken its form.

Thea Render delivers both biased and unbiased rendering with an excellent quality, wrapped by an advanced studio - all these in a single package. The flexibility of such all-in-one scheme is undoubtable for the end user who is free to instantly switch between the render engines and easily re-stage/tweak the scene. While others develop only one piece of a package, Thea Render is actually the full package.

It is certainly not an easy work to do; we are working full time on Thea Render since March 2008 and while we already had a good starting point, all render cores and studio interface have been re-written from scratch in order to deliver excellent rendering quality in shortest time. The plugins are being developed at a constant pace and first integration results are already available.

It is time now to make a beta-tester call, so that professionals can join us in a short closed-beta phase and make a full test of the application and the plugins. We really believe that beta testing is an invaluable process not only for ironing out the application, but also due to the necessary feedback of experienced users with their constructive comments and criticism.

In this closed-beta phase, we are looking for users that can cover a wide spread of working experience related to modeling applications, 3d work, operating systems, etc. The beta testers will join us progressively starting from mid September. It is highly appreciated if you can fill this application form and send it to [email protected].

best regards.
Thea Render Development Team