TheANIMAL's bwc entry (if i finish in time)

Hi, i saw these two images on the internet,

and i got an idea and sketched this:

Hopefully i make something cool from the idea.

Wrong forum ?

No, i just decided to sketch the idea before i got onto blendering, i often find it easier to work with a readily formulated idea.

Haha that looks excactly like the monster my cousin drew some weeks ago :slight_smile:

Looking forward to see this one come to live

greets, Robert

Here’s what my night sky should look like, original rez is 4000*2500. I’ve done a version without the moon/star incase i need to add that element last. Once i had found the right brushes this was remarkably easy to do.

Nice - how long did it take you to create that?

Oh and I am sorry about my last post it sounded quite disrespectful but I didn’t mean to bash your drawing skills!!! I just thought it was a funny coincidence…

greetings, Robert

Only a few hours, most of that was trying to figure out how to import brushes in to photoshop CS2. :slight_smile:

cool, good luck finishing in time

sorry wrong thread … maybe a mod could delete this post pls :o