I decided to do a sort of old-style theatre (with marquee signs and all)
I’ve done the clay render with lights:

The lighting’s a little odd, I was trying to do a darker scene but I couldn’t get it to look very good so I just kept it like this, but I’ll probably change it soon
Critiques welcome throughout the process :slight_smile:
EDIT-Not sure how to texture the walls, so suggestions for that welcome as well

Looks great:D , are you planning on having billboards on the front with flashing lights around them or just signs with movies currently being played (just a suggestion)?? and you might need to tweak the doors a little.

The best way to go about texturing those walls would be to UV map them with a brick texture. I like the idea posted by Thatimster about the flashing lights. Of course to show that you’d have to do an animation. You should add in some spotlights like the 20th century fox movie intro. I think those would look cool. Can cycles do volumetric lighting yet? I haven’t attempted too…look forward to seeing the progress on this…

Started on the materials & took Thatimster’s advice & added some lights round the signs. I’m going to make some of them not illuminated, like they would be if they were flashing, but not so sure on the animation (maybe).
I also redid the doors, but I still don’t have a material or texture for them yet. I was gonna try wood, but on the old ones, it looked a little off. Probably gonna try it again. (It’s a little noisy, I was trying to do a relatively quick render so I set the samples lower)

Maybe add those lights to the bottom billboards by the doors too…

those lights are lack of focus,so it looks dark and complanate for me.

Aaand we’re back!
Tried to light up the lower part a little: added some more small lights and brightened up the other ones a little. Changed the camera perspective, because I like this one better :stuck_out_tongue: and I changed the doors & added a (not too great) texture to them
Also darkened the background since I was wanting to make this a night scene. Now that I think about it, I may want to add some light from a street lamp. Thoughts?

Added lights to the signs, but I think I need to edit the texture a little. Lightened the texture on the doors, but also thinking I need to change it a little

Update! I got distracted and abandoned this for a while but I’m back, hopefully for good this time
I edited the sign texture because the lines were way too far apart
Changed the door texture, but I still don’t like it too much. Suggestions?
Also added a brick texture to the outer walls, because they looked too bare (The bump is a little strong though)

I would add a gloss shader to the door to make it look varnished.

Added a glossy to the door but you can’t see it too well (at least I can’t)
Turned down the bump for the bricks a little but I still may have to do more. Not sure