Thebossman UPDATED (26/5/05) Textured

This is what I’m currently working on, It’s my first go at creating a human based on torq’s tutorial so it’s still somewhat of a practice piece. I’ve gone for a bit more of cartoony look rather than total realism hence the ears and nose. I’m hoping to animate the face using relative vertex keying so if anyone notices anything that could cause problems please let me know. Any helpful comments or crits. are most welcome. Thanks in advance. Levi. :smiley:

Very, very nice! I like the cartoony approach, he already has much character. The edgeloops also look good to me, I see no problems for RVKs. Keep it up!

I really really like that…thats a superb job! :smiley:
Id love to see the animation too when you have something to show! :smiley:

I think this looks great. What was the tutorial you followed? I cant see any problems with animating this head. Cant wait to see it.

It looks great.alot of personality.not to be rude but are his ears supposed to look collaflowered(allscrunched up).

Very nice. Though, I can see the symmetry line going down the forehead, the nose and the chin. Can you get rid of that?

Thanks for the positive feedback everyone :smiley: . Animating him could take a while yet as it’s my first go at that, but I’ll try and make some progress shortly.

Muckiem14 - I used Torq’s facial tutorial as starting point, but used my own drawing for the blueprint. The tutorial is an amazing, in that it shows how to put the edge loops in the right place which is most important.

JediJapan - belive it or not the answer is yes!! :wink: I had originally done normal ears on him which took forever, but they seemed out of place and gave him a much more realistic appearence. After that I decided on a more Pixar style approach - keep it simple- !! Which gave him a bit more of a cartoon style. I’m curious what anybody else thinks more detail or not ??

Renny2077 - I know it looks awful, but I’d left it like that because if there were any other ideas for improvements it 's quicker to alter than if the 2 meshes are joined. In the end though you’re right it’s got to go :slight_smile: !!

That looks really nice. :slight_smile:

The ears do look a little ‘Freddy Krueger’, though.

That’s really cool, it’s got loads o personality. Make him green and stick his ears on some sticks, and you’ve got Shrek :stuck_out_tongue:

hey! this is “shrek” made human! :smiley:

very cool, good work til now.

Very Nicely done. Just fix the ears, lol

Here’s an updated version with new improved ears and minus symmetry lines, as for the ‘shrek’ not alot I can do to alter that I guess :stuck_out_tongue: .

:slight_smile: Levi.

This is really good. Keep it up. Love the edgeloops. What tutorial is it. Any url to that tutorial?

One of the best heads Ive seen on this forum.

the ears look a lot better now…
really…good work!

wow really fixed those ears.

I cant wait to see materials on this guy. Great ears by the way. A lot of ears that you see stick really far out from the head but these look good. I have followed Torqs faceloop tut a few times. Everytime my heads get better but eventually some creative is gonna have to step in. Im still waiting on that to happen…great work!

wow. nice. wheres the tutorial? if its on elysiun, i can do a search for it.

You will find it here. Have fun!

wooo i loev this guy, wonderful personality. i dont know if i like the old or new ears mor,e both have their own look, they even out for me, i think the older version of the ears has more of a warner brothers feel, i really dig that. Modelling, wonderful wonderful use of edgeloops, its made perfect for a smooth mesh and ease of animating, cant wait to see what you come up with for this guy 8D

Peace out!

Looks like mickey mantle to me for some reason.