TheEndApp - new iOS game

UPDATE: featured on AppStore front page!!! (screenshot from appstore:

My latest commercial work.
This is not a BGE game, but 90% of the graphics done in Blender, and Blender is our level editor!!!

I think this game will be a big hit in AppStore, because it is a very good Temple Run-like game.

Gameplay video: [video][/video]

Some images:

Im impressed! great work!

Endre, this looks marvelous, as usual! Keep it up!

Wow, really great work! It looks like it adds several new mechanics to the “temple run” style game. The graphics are gorgeous, too!

the game is featured on the US Appstore now!!!

I’m going to download it as soon as I get home :smiley:

Congrats. I hope it gets popular. You say ‘our’ level editor. How many people worked on this?