Hey everyone :slight_smile:
I just finish rendering my latest project in Blender. So I decided to post it here in order to ask for some feedback on it.

I am actually quite happy how it turned out the only thing I do not like are these weird bright dots all over the picture. So far I know that they are caused by the glass of the light bulb :confused: made some of you can help me with that.
If someone is interested it was rendered in cycles with 1000 samples. It took about 5 hours :spin:. Yeah … I know my PC is not the best.
Hope you like :slight_smile:

the bright sparkles are called fireflies, and are an artifact that occurs in cycles. as far as I know, there’s not much to do about them, other than post processing them out. as I understand it, they are caused by rays that bounce directly back at the camera.

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:
An idea how to post process them out ? I only can think of painting them out in gimp or so.
Maybe there’s a better way.

Simplicity at its best. Keep up the good work.

Under Sampling set clamp to “1” and render again at 250 sample just to see if the fireflies are gone.
I have run clamp as high as 5 when rendering glass and other highly reflective materials.

Nice! Just one comment… You should use solidify modifier, now it seems like its a bulb of solid glass… you should see the wood behind the bulb.
Otherwise its an very interesting image.

There’s a great tutorial by Bartek Skorupa on removing fireflies with bilateral blur, you should check it out.

Thanks for your feedback and help :slight_smile:

@Anthony C Thanks for the tip but sadly it didn’t work :frowning: I even tried clamp at 5 and 750 samples. And they are still there.

@decamino Great idea did not think about that I am definitely going to add a solidify modifier. Thanks.

It helped a lot thanks for pointing the bilateral blur out :slight_smile: It fixed the problem with the fireflies. But I still have some
problems with the edges so it the picture is a bit blue but that’s definitely the way to go.

Hey there :smiley:
I wanted to give you a last and final result of the image without fireflies.

So it still not perfect but I think it is acceptable. Thanks again for your help.
See ya :slight_smile: