Theme: Blender Light Cherry

Modification of Blender Light inspired by older Red Platinum theme but more conservative in changes and easier to update. I made it because there are a lot of dark themes but very few light \ gray ones.


  • white wires (personal preference, there are no bundled themes with white wires)
  • less contrast in inactive areas (tendency toward 0.5-0.6 gray)
  • more contrast in active areas (red highlights instead of blue)
  • more internal consistency (outliner selection colors match 3d viewport, green edit mode geometry data like in T74358, properties search and outliner filter use same color and more)
  • more polish to areas that feel unfinished in blender light (scripting editors for example)
  • fixes to bleached node colors in 3.0 and use of 3.0 panel style

Version 1.1 last updated for 3.0
Blender_Light_Cherry.xml (46.7 KB)