[THEME] Default++

(aermartin) #1


I made many themes over the years, Unity pro, Softimage, now recently I had a working theme on my computer based on the OP-1 synth, but it wasn’t the best for 3d content creation.

Anyways so I started with the Default theme in Blender, and just made what I consider improvements on it.

Tweaked the over saturated accent colors, and came up with a more brighter and less contrast-y blue and orange I started using all over the place. Also introduced a green for the check-boxes.

One thing I can’t stand is the dark, transparent menues or tool/props-panels. So got that opaque and in the gray tone as the rest of the UI.

I call it Default++ and here are some screenshots.

Download from blendswap (primary link)

Some tweaks on the curves, selected and handles.

I will go through nodes today, and probably get a link up for the theme file.

(s_babb) #2

Cool, I really like it. I made all the buttons flat and adjusted the pie menu colors a bit, but it’s a really nice alternative to the default. Thanks!

(urkokul) #3

Nice theme. Thanks

(Yamanote) #4

This theme is really good, so thank you very much for your efforts :slight_smile:

(i4nk0) #5

Great Theme. Thank you. :slight_smile:

(Meta-Androcto) #6

hi, looks good, it you get it solid in the next few days I can add to 2.79 release.

(aermartin) #7

Thank you! glad you like it, and I hope you find it as useful as I do. For me the check-boxes stands out more now in a good way.

@s_babb that sounds cool, I might leave the buttons as they are, but I also like more flat buttons as I did in the softimage theme. Especially the drop down menu buttons are quite distracting.

But you mentioned something here I forgot, the pie menues. Will adress them now and update my links. On that issue, there’s now a blendswap download instead of my own file hosting.

@meta-androcto thank you! you helped me out so many times. I was planning to work on my game today, but I might spend some hours now in the morning to go through the theme with some models and animations, and finalize the theme. I will PM you when it’s done and you can add it to the 2.79 release branch.

Happy blending y’all!

(aermartin) #8

aaaaaaaaand it’s updated hastily. I’m hopeful though that no weird colors are in. Just fixed so the pie menus are also opaque.
And some small touches on trackers in movie clip editor.

(aermartin) #9

Default++ 2.80 // Twenty Eight //

For anyone still using this theme, I am working on revising it for Blender 2.8 release and hopefully I can get it into the trunk so you guys don’t have to download to install it.

I am also pushing the default a bit, I am no big fan of the high contrast. If majority of the text is high lighted in white, it defeats the purpose of high lighting in the first place.

So next version will be more low contrast and softer gui.

Menues and buttons now are softer and will just indent or bump the panel color. No more dark buttons with white text everywhere.

Checkboxes now don’t high-light with white text. It’s redundant since the high-light effect is the bright green checkbox. makes it friendlier on the eyes. A un-checked checkbox/option is now more subtle.

Text input will have the orange accent color, many buttons and things got the orange accent color once pressed. Just like number inputs and value sliders have. Easier to see which input is currently active.

Radio buttons are softer and not dark buttons anymore. They were a bit to distracting and this way it’s faster to scan what radio button option is active with blue accent color.

I’m working on making sense of the nodes, node-groups and frames. work in progress.

Hope to be able to finish it before 2.8 is released, but it’s quite buggy at the moment which makes design a theme take longer with lots of crashes.

(aermartin) #10

For anyone using the internal text editor, here’s how it will look in next release