Theme Editor (v1.1 released)

Yep default themes lacks consistency in colors and styles, unless you create some sort of a table with colors and pick them from there, but it’s too much efforts for such thing that meant to be simple and straight forward.

I forgot to mention it here, but the addon is now on BlenderMarket too!

I’m also thinking into adding a “flatten” button and a roundness slider. Thoughts ?

I was going to buy the lite version but the payment method only supports Paypal using my debit card and not using paypal balance :frowning:

Sorry for the inconvenience.
I sent you a PM. Please, check your inbox.

Broken in the latest 2.80

Are you using the latest addon version ?
There has been some breaking changes in the Blender API since the addon was released, so older versions of the addon won’t work on the latest Blender versions.

Please, download and re-install the addon and tell me if you still have any trouble.

You are right i was using a old version

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Can you allow an undo feature for theme editor lite? Often times when editing the colors, I make a mistake and would like the ability to go back a step.

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Hey! Sorry for the late reply, but I wanted to test a few things before giving you an answer.

The TLDR is that I already tried to do so before the release and I couldn’t find a good way to do it. That’s why I added the color history palette.

The technical explanation is that undo is disabled in Blender for Preferences and the Window Manager and you can’t change that from an addon (You can test it yourself, change anything inside your preferences settings and press CTRL+Z).
I’ve tried to workaround the issue, but there’s no good way to do it. Either you end up with something very glitchy or something very expensive for performance.

Something I could try is to implement a custom undo stack for the addon. But I can’t promise it will work!

If you guys have any issues please let me know.


It is great addon. I was able to do few gray themes quickly with Theme Editor:

Without it would be paint to adjust all the colors manually.


That looks cool! Very clean.

BTW, @JoseConseco mailed me with some great feedback and some of the new features were developed from his ideas, so credits to him for that!

This version is newer thant the last I sent you, btw. I replaced the regex feature in the name filter. Now you you simply have to separate your search terms by commas, precede optional search terms with “?” and filtered out search terms with “-”.
Like this :

theme space, ? text, ? title, -highlight

It’s documented on the tooltips.

Are these new features available for the lite version?

Just uploaded the final release to Gumroad and BlenderMarket (the lite version too) !
All customers should recieve a mail shortly.

@Colacuve Yep! Just as the 1.0 release, except the Filter by Name option and the ability to change individual properties, everything else is included. :slightly_smiling_face:


Are there plans to release an update of the addon to make it compatible with Blender 2.90/2.91 (afaik, the latest version of Blender features new themable elements) ?

Thanks in advance.

Hey! Theme Editor searches dynamically for theme properties so, in theory, any new element should “just work”.

I couldn’t find anything related to themes in the release notes. Did you find any specific property not working ?

Sorry, my bad.

The Properties: Search Match color has recently been added and for some reason, I couldn’t find it at first try. But your addon could eventually find it. :+1:

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