Theme Editor (v1.1 released)

Theme Editor is an addon that makes theme customization fast and easy.

In summary, it lets you:

  • Edit your UI theme colors by groups (every matching color) instead of one by one.
  • Highlight the currently selected UI elements, for easier searching and discovery.
  • Filter by color, so you can simply click on the UI element you want to change to edit it.
  • Filter by name, in case you are looking for something specific.

It’s available on Gumroad:

Feedback and feature requests are welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:


This already looks a lot easier to use!

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I would totally be in favor of this!

I posted a proposal in RCS to rethink the way it currently works and I am so happy to see you came up with a solution. I think its going to be hard to give any feedback without trying it first. Thanks for taking the time to do it mate.

Thank you guys!

@LMABit You mean this one ?
Very different approach, but hopefully as useful.

I’m working through the last fixes so it should be ready to be released in a few days. :crossed_fingers:

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I really like the idea that you came up with. Its essentially a tool to clean up or group the cluttered color settings and eliminate them until they are all sorted.

I had a similar though the other week, a way to group theme settings so that takes less inout values to adjust.

Looking forward to the release :+1:

I meant to say I did open a proposal about that and we had a few ideas but it looks like most people tend to use others Themes as they don’t seem overly interested. So even tho it didn’t get much attention I am very happy you came with something that at least offers an alternative to the current system as I think it really needs to be revisited in the future when things calm down in 2.8 development.

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Thank you, that would take a lot of the pain out of making a theme. Can’t wait for the release!

Does it work also for 2.8?

Now it does. It was easier than I expected. :grinning:

It’s out!!!

15$ (25% off) for the first week!

Can’t wait to see what you create with it. :grinning:

Just my personal opinion: I think that with a lower price you will have a bigger chance of reaching more users. Mostly because its not something that I see people using on a daily or frequent basis.

Also you should send it to Bart on blendernation for the news section


Honestly I would agree. I can justify paying $20 for an addon that will help me in my daily workflow but not for something like this. I’m not making money off of making themes and I don’t do it regularly so I’m having a hard time justifying the cost of this addon.


@renderhjs @NinthJake

You could argue that the resulting theme is something you use every time you open Blender. But yeah, I can see your point.

What would you consider an appropriate price ?
The price is 15$ at the moment, btw, but the discount doesn’t show in the link.

I was planning on sending it to blendernation when it gets released on blendermarket, since I guess some people would prefer to purchase it there.

Thank you guys, I really appreciate your feedback.

Since blender uses a theme every time it’s being used, that makes your addon worth $20? Not sure about that. I can make a theme that blender uses every time at no cost.

I don’t see this worth more than $5.

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I agree with @AFWS here.

Couple of suggestions:

  • a shortcut to set/change specific group color on the fly / without leaving the current view (ie. hover over > press X or left click > set color to ‘single element’ or ‘group’
  • presets & a possibility to ‘read from an image’
    ie. color schemes

Ok guys. I have dropped the price to 15$ permanently.
Every purchase so far used the 5$ release discount, so I hope this doesn’t bother any current user.

I’m also considering releasing a “Tweak Edition” at a lower price. It would be the same but without the ability to edit single properties and without name filters. Enough for people who just want to tweak the colors of an existing theme.

And I have released a proper feature video:

I’m also working on my own theme, obviously. Still testing it, but I’ll release it at some point.


Theme Editor (lite) released !!!


You won’t believe it, but, i tried to make my own theme recently, but quickly realized that most likely i won’t be able to do that))) default theme editor is so awful there is no ability to change the major colors globally, everything placed in those categories where sometimes it looks like those colors have no effect at all, it’s so frustrating. But this tool seems like the thing that i need. Thanks.

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Thank you for the kind words!

I totally believe you. One thing that really surprised me while developing the addon is that most of the built-in themes that ships with Blender have slight color differences between editors types because of how much busywork requires to keep everything in sync.

In fact, the reason I started to develop the addon was because this summer I wanted to create a grey variation of the (by that time) new Blueberry theme and my experience was quite similar to yours.

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