[Theme] Gandaf The Gray - Blender 2.80

(I am making small improvements to the themes as I use them and I notice practical flaws, so from time to time download the upgraded xml)

Gandalf The Gray

gandalf_the_gray.xml (42,3 KB)

Gandalf the Pink
gandalf_the_Pink.xml (42,3 KB)

Gandalf the Blues
gandalf_the_Blues.xml (42,3 KB)


I was using a similar theme recently and it was pretty similar to this one so I tried this one out. I’m really liking it so far (and the fact that it’s named after my biggest obsession - LOTR - is a plus!)

Thanks for sharing this!

EDIT: One thing I noticed is that the add-on tabs on the right side have black text on an already dark background. Would it make any sense with your plans for the theme to make those brighter so they’re easier to read?

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I tried but the problem is that if I do the white text, it changes the other one selected, and same text in the panels …

so I decided to lighten the unselected tabs, at least they are the ones you read when you search for them, once selected it doesn’t matter anymore if you read the text less.

That sounds like a good solution to the problem. Good UX thinking! I’ll update today and keep using it. Thanks again!