Theme manager 1.4.0 (August 27th)

edit: links are up-to-date for version 1.4.0


Sharing custom themes for Blender 2.5 used to be difficult, as you had to share entire .blend files, replace your default .blend and then manually reorganize your start-up screen with the new colours. That’s why I’m introducing: Theme manager

Install and enable the add-on. (click here for more help)
Go the the theme panel in the user preferences.
Click the ‘Load Theme’ or ‘Save Theme’ buttons in the header (by default at the bottom of the window).

When saving a theme, you can optionally also name the theme and add the name of the creator (see video).
Themes are saved as .blt files, short for BLenderTheme. These are pretty small and can be easily shared.


You can download the add-on here: <python script>
A temporary repository with themes can be found here.

awesome work!
let the hideous themes roll on :wink:

awesome work!

+1 from me too :slight_smile:

Thats great crouch, well done.

JoS: my sincere apologies, I didn’t know about your script at all. The reason I wrote my own script was that I needed something capable of saving themes and I couldn’t find anything after some googling (I even asked meta-androcto).
I’ve just had a look at your code and it’s an interesting approach you’re taking, which is a bit different from the mechanism I’m using.

Again, I’m really sorry this happened.

A dropdown list would be an interesting addition. I guess it should use a default folder (probably in presets) or perhaps search several folders. I’ll see what I can do for you.

Oh really don’t be sorry, i am obviously happy that this functionality is added and maintained (hopefully to trunk as well). also, a lot of what i have learned of the blender python api is thanks to your scripts, so i’m grateful for what you’re doing.

regarding my script, i always thought of it as a bit hackish, but i did what i could with the tools i knew at the time, while trying to keep the alorithm safe for added theme settings.

and the default folder was exactly what i had in mind. hope you find a way to solve it, so i can learn it :wink:

crouch and JoS, thanks for two great jobs! :slight_smile:

@Crouch!!! Thanks for the new AddOn. I too couldn’t find JoS’ scripts, but Am glad that I stumbled upon your new one. Really hope it makes it into trunk. All your scripts rock! thanks for creating and sharing.

Just a quick note of thanks, Crouch. I appreciate you taking the time to convert my theme for your add-on.

Fweeb, you’re welcome. Thanks for letting me do it.

I’ve gathered all themes I could find on a single page, so people have something to start with. This should probably be organised with a proper repository, but this might suffice for now.

works like a charm mostly, but i found a bug (linux). if you open a file, the load operator fails at line 210.

I solved this by inserting the load_presets() function at line 210, and removing it from line 354, as blender does not seem to re-register the script correctly when loading a file

this is not an optimal solution (but it works just fine) as it has to skim through the hdd everytime you load a theme, and i’m not sure whether it should be considered a bug in the script or in blender itself.

is there maybe somwhere other than the windowmanager where data can be stored permanently for the whole session?

Wow, this is amazing. If you could switch themes on-the-fly just like zbrush then it would be very cool.

There’s a theme repository on graphicall. Perhaps you could coordinate with them?

New version (1.2) of the script is now available. Thanks JoS for the bug report.
Download link (same location as before): <python script>

I created this theme here, feel free if you want to add to your list :slight_smile:

Alyscom: I’ve added it to the list.

Thanks Bart for another great addon. Working great on 35924. :slight_smile:

Hi, works fine here with Rev: 35956 and opensuse linux 11.4/64
THX, it is very helpfull, mib

Thanks for the confirmation reports that it works on other systems as well. It’s always difficult to develop cross-platform when you can only test on a single system.

thanks for the script! it’s just what I wanted, here’s a theme Im distributing the .blt file
Unnamed Dark Theme

I’m distributing the theme file within the zips containing the theme .blt files, just for easy installation.