[Theme] Nord - neutral theme for Blender 2.80

Once I saw Odyssey theme, I had to start work on theme I had in my mind long time ago.
It is based on Nord theme palette - clean, calm colours, focused on readability and less eye strained.
Give it a try and let me know your impressions and feedback with points to improve, thank you.

AND - please spread the word!
I am convinced that Nord theme has an potencial to be shipped with Blender. But to make it there, theme needs to be liked at devtalk - same link below. Please do so, if you like to see this theme in default set of Blender themes.
Thank you for your support.

Nord theme



Thanks for doing this, it’s become my new default. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for your words. I hope it will stay default for you for good :slight_smile:.
And for others - please don’t be shy if you like it and vote for theme by liking at devtalk as described above, thank you.

Thank you for sharing this!

is there a 3.0 update anywhere for this ?

I made my own edit of this theme for blender 3 and spread sheet. enjoy!

nord_3.xml (43.5 KB)