[Theme] Soothing

(Qai) #1

My initial intention was to merely add a blue tint to some elements of the Momo theme (which itself is a modification to the Modo theme). However, the more I changed, the more I preferred an overall blue-grey theme.

I found the existing blue/blue-grey/grey themes in 2.79 and 2.80 to either be too bright, too dark, too dull, or contrasted in aesthetically unpleasing ways. I wanted something that is soothing on the eyes, legible, softly contrasted, and that doesn’t distract from the modeling elements in the viewport.

Apart from a couple of exceptions, the colour palette I decided to use consists of 24 colours arranged as a gradient on the pattern (R,G,B) = (i,i+10,i+20), where i=0,10,20,30,…,210,220,230. Therefore, the darkest colour is (R,G,B) = (0,10,20), and the brightest colour is (R,G,B) = (230,240,250).

I personally don’t use gradients for my viewport background, but I’m open to suggestions from those of you who do if the current one I have implemented is unsuitable.

There are, undoubtedly, minor areas in the UI that still need to be themed. Those will trickle in over time when I come across them or someone points them out.

Feedback is always welcome.



soothing.zip (4.7 KB)

(urkokul) #2

Thank you for sharing

(ChrisArcher) #3

Hi, I like this theme a lot! You should increase the ‘vertex size’ and ‘face dot size’. The size you used is too small to see on a big monitor.

(Qai) #4

Thanks urkokul and Chris!

Theme Update

3D View

  • Added gradient for viewport
  • Reverted vertex and face dot sizes to Blender defaults


  • Some minor UI elements that needed to be themed

Link to theme has been updated in OP.

(ChrisArcher) #5

Thanks for changing the vertex and face dot sizes and I like the new viewport gradient.

(Qai) #6

Theme Update


  • Changed highlighted item to a blue shade to match the theme

3D View

  • Changed colours for object, vertex, edge, and face selected + face dot to match the theme


  • Removed Soothing Gradient as an explicit theme. The gradient is still part of the theme, just not set to default

Link to theme has been updated in OP.