theme transfer

With the release of blender 2.35 comming real soon, I want to make sure that my userthemes will transfer to the new blender when I install it. Last time they didn’t make it. Is there like a file I need to copy and paste to make it work? What do I need to do. I don’t want to lose my themes.



there is a [.b.blend] file that you are supposed to be able to copy into your new [.blender] folder

although it has not worked well for me in the past, this is supposed to work

i hope this helps


the .b.blend file is usually stored in the user’s home directory (XP, Linux, OSX). make sure it’s not being deleted/overwritten during installation of the new blender (applies to windows). under OSX, simply drag the new executables into the blender folder, overwrite the old ones and work. all settings are preserved.

ok, I’ll try it. Now I get to try to find it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I downloaded 2.35 now I want to get rid of my theme but its the same as last. how do I get the default settings?



I installed 2.35 in parallel with 2.34. I copied my .b.blend file from 2.35 (just to be safe) and then copied my 2.34 .b.blend to 2.35 and it seemed to work just fine. The theme, added screens, scripts, etc. all seem to be there.

I am loving the the transparent menus!

Go to the themes tab and select: Deafult.