[theme][wip] op-1

I am working on a new theme, it’s highly work in progress. And I haven’t used it my workflow yet. But it looks good so far.
Here’s OP-1. (beta testing so far)

It’s based on the Swedish design firm* Teenage Engineering and their synth OP-1.

You can head over to their site and check out the synth for reference. It will be high contrast in viewports, dark bakground. And a plastic feeling to the properties panel and all other panels for that matter.

buttons will be soft and bulgy. think of a raised rubber like surface you want to push down.

inputs like number and sliders, will mimic a harder plastic surface (think of almost a knob for light somethings you can press on either side. a bit raised from the surface and you can push on left or right side)

I will give a download link here when it’s done for testing.

The viewport colors on dark bakground are taken from the oled display on the OP-1 where the vector graphics have nice almost pale but bright colors in contrast to the very dark background.