[Theme] Xsi Winter Pro -Blender 2.80

XSI Winter Pro

I created this theme giving me a series of goals to reach:

  • 1 I tried to draw inspiration from a series of blender 2.8 themes already created by other authors and that in my opinion are among the most beautiful and functional.
  • 2 I needed to create a dark theme, but at the same time didn’t have the 3D view too dark.
  • 3 coming from very far back in the days when I used Softimage XSI, there were some positive features, at the workflow level I wanted to recreate, and it was the clear distinction between the vertex colors (blue) the edges (yellow) and the faces (red) so I tried to recreate this situation, with some changes second me a little more harmonious, with a desaturation of some colors.
  • 4 try to harmonize all the colors together.
  • 5 work with this theme for about a week, trying to figure out if there were better adaptation changes to be made or small corrections to be made.

xsi_winter_pro.xml (42,3 KB)
(xml updated, with some correction of little defects found during use in the workflow)
(new version, dark mesh in edit mode)

This is the result. I hope it’s appreciated.

after an intense work of many hours working on a mesh, I decided to darken the mesh in edit mode, consequently: the elements are seen with more contrast and more ease to see and the eyes get less tired.

edit: 13 09 2019

improved wirframe mesh colors in edit mode after this change:
Fix T67637: Selected edges hard to see with wireframe

improved wireframe mesh colors in object mode


Looks pretty! I’m going to give this a try. Thanks!

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Do not hesitate to tell me your opinion about it and if you see something that you believe can be improved, the suggestions are welcome

Thanks for this theme. It’s really comfortable to look at over long periods and easy to distinguish selection status. I appreciate your work on this!

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This is because I am testing it during my workflows, and when I find flaws I make corrections and reposted the updated versions …
Currently we are a small team of people like me and @Thirioart that we are finding the flaws in theming and we are reporting them to the devs as papercuts of small corrections … so in the next versions of blender and of our themes there will surely be interesting small but comfortable improvements

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Great work guys. I loved this theme. I changed the pie menu interface a bit. Otherwise, the theme is awesome. I hope there will be updates to make it even better. t

o make it even better.

you can share your modded version below if you want :wink:

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winter_pro_cstm.xml (42.2 KB)
Here it is.
Changed the colors of Pie Menu and a slight change in Face Select Color and Colors of Edge Sharp, Bevel, Crease.

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Can Anyone make these changes. I am unable to do this.

now I have not looked, but if you think it is not themable report it as a post with a precise description, and with a proposal to change the link I posted above, on devtalk, maybe some dev makes the change if it notices it.

in any case the status bar can be found:
themes > status bar > theme space> header text

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Oh! Thanks. I changed it to Lime Green color. More readable that way

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I just want to say “thank you”! I love this theme. Makes me feel cozy and clear at the same time.