Theory Studio's custom Blender builds

Hey, Here’s Theorys custom branch Lukas was talking about:

Win64x with networking enabled:!skAhDDoA!gODZ5-tSNDw-KXmUpO81x9F40VXNWS4gjH0_u4nRqnk

Ive changed the splash to show it as Theory build just so people dont get it mixed up with other versions of Blender they have. Their was a id issue in the code that stopped compile so removed it, don’t think it will hurt anything but someone will need to test out if UDIM still works.

The splash is a screen grab from their website, If not ok to use let me know and ill change it.

People have been asking about the in work features Lukas has been adding to this branch so thought a thread based on current and future builds to come to would be helpfull to people.

Thank you for your effort 3DLuver!
This will come in handy for me soon, appreciated! :slight_smile:

is this the branch with cryptomatte integrated ?

Its funny because thats actually our in house splash screen xD

What is different in this build?

There’s a blender conference talk about it on YouTube. Udim support!! Awesome!

Lukas Stockner’s Blender Conference Talk about the Theory branch is here:

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Cryptomatte is in probably not in this build. I pushed the Cryptomatte code to two days ago, I’m not aware of any published builds yet.

@skw, Hi
I was able to compile on Linux with jensverwiebe fix. Cryptomatte seems very interesting. Thanks.
Are you actively developing this for Blender? If so, perhaps you open a new thread dedicated to Cryptomatte on Blender would be good, for discussion and bug reporting.

I cannot download the cryptomatte branch to make a build, git give a me a error message

error: pathspec ‘temp_cryptomatte’ did not match any file(s) known to git.

Branch is new. ‘git pull’ on master first.

I’m not sure if ‘git pull --rebase’ it’s also necessary.

At this point it’s too early to gather all kinds of bug reports. Once this moves to master and nightly builds, it should go through the bug tracker and bugs related to it can be assigned to me.

someone said UDIM?!
thankyou !


You were looking into the cross frame denoiser for animation, right?

just wanted to comment that your idea of it being a multi-phase system could be great, but I wanted to point you towards Corona renderer, they have a pretty powerful denoiser that supports animation and it does it without ahy information of the previous or next frame, I don´t know do they do that, but it works great.

Thanks for your work, and thanks to Theory for all those improvements, it´s going to be awesome for any studio!


@DCvertice, Ive been wanting to test the Cryto branch so ill do a build and post.

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I do these builds for the community, maybe the community can help me out.

Or tell other people you know. The sale ends tomorrow london time 6.00 pm.

wait, so Theory Animation developed Cryptomatte integration to blender… and Tangent Animation also Did it?, thats gotta mean something!

Hey 3DLuvr, I wish you luck.

I´m waiting the confirmation of some projects, if I get confirmation I´ll bid for it, but I´m not sure if I will get confirmation before tomorrow evening :stuck_out_tongue: it´s a pity.

You may be mistaking me for Lukas? He’s the main person behind the denoising. The work I’ve done on Cryptomatte (and other features) is for Tangent Animation - different studio, also starts with a “T”.

For what it’s worth, here’s a Windows x64 build of the temp-cryptomatte branch:!Ap47HIkOUUa3hEIloG2LoMJDgVXk

@skw, If you have some time available, could you share a scene showing how Cryptomatte in Blender should be used?