Hey everyone here is my latest project:

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Firstly, I like the render…and it gives you an interesting perspective.

Now, this next part is because I am a train fan. My issue is with the red light. You have a single track. A track like that should not have a light on it, or…there should be a reason it’s red, i.e…a train is coming.

I’m not sure if you are planning on adding a locomotive in here, but…you could really do something interesting with what you have. :wink:

The rails look wrong. They look as though the top surface is flat but it ought to be slightly rounded. They also look too wide unless this is a narrow-gauge railway. The signal is the wrong way up. Railway signals always have red at the bottom for safety reasons (so the red aspect can’t be obscured by snow etc). I am not sure about overhead cables but if that is supposed to be the traction current supply I am sure that there ought to be more wires. Certainly what I have seen on UK railways have more complex arrangements than this even if only to allow trains still to run if an overhead cable develops a fault.

@tc2466 There is nothing wrong with having a signal on a single track line. It could be approaching a junction where the single track branch joins the mainline.

I had absolutely no idea that there are so much train fans in the blender community. :slight_smile: I have not spend time researching the internet on how a railway actually looks like ,where signal lights are placed, where the red light is … maybe this was a mistake if I think of it now but I had an idea in my head and just went with it and I know it is not 100 % realistic but that was not the aim of this image.
But thanks for your feedback guys :slight_smile: