There is a difference between Retopflow from Github and R.f. from Blendermarket?

I dont understand it moment.

The code is identical. If you purchase through the Blender Market, you are getting additional benefits like support from the creators. Further you support the developer to increase that chance of ongoing updates and maintenance.

the only difference is that the blender market version comes with support and updates. so while you can get the full addon from github, if something goes wrong your on your own! by all means download from git hub, but i would consider using it as like a try before you buy, as the develpoers can make improvements only as long as poeple keep paying for the addons

Agree,I think they are doing things right,the addon is available to everyone on github, as it should be due to GPL, but you may purchase it.

If you use it, purchase it, specially if you gain one money with it, there should be an understanding that the only way to make things grow proffesionaly and at a steady speed is to support it´s development, and purchasing it it´s a great way to do it :slight_smile:
So they should be supported with double reason, they give you the code and respect the GPL licensing, and they make the addon grow at a great pace, and it´s an awesome addon :slight_smile:


EDIT: m_squareGFX is totally right, I won´t delete this statement so it´s left for future reference of this as the wrong way of understanding the GPL scheme.
Look below in the following posts to clarify further :slight_smile:

And again: Nothing in the GPL states that your code has to be made available for everyone for free. It simply demands that the code is made available to the user. And that would be only necessary, if said user demands it. Since we are talking about Python addons it would be perfectly fine to just distribute the addon to a customer who paid and you would be perfectly fine with GPL. (You’ll lose friends in the “free-beer-camp” but that’s another story). I believe their decission to publish the code Github has more to do with easy collaboration.
With such statements you are implicitly accusing everyone, that doesn’t go this route, of violating the GPL.
That would be pretty much anyone else who’s selling on Blender Market or Gumroad and is simply not true. Please reconsider.

m_squareGFX Interesting way of looking at it, as far as I understand it, GPL makes that the code must be released to the public, not to the user, the public and the user are a different thing, but I may have missunderstood it.


EDIT: You are totally right, there is no need to distribute the code publicly, just to the users, the caveat here is that any user can distribute the addon freely to others, privately or publicly, but it´s good to see that people respects the work of others and don´t do that :slight_smile:

In any case, I think the people behind Retopoflow are doing it very well, because you can learn it and use it as much as you want, and you can purchase it later, once you made money with it, that is if you made enough money (that I´m sure practically anyone that made money with it made enough money to pay for it)

Cheers and thanks for making me look in a more detailed way the GPL :slight_smile:

I agree, that it’s very generous of the devs to go that route and they have my highest respect for that.
Also I want to express my appreciation for your reconsideration, juang3d. To often there are to heated up discussion when this topic comes up. You showed a very reasonable behaviour within this discussion. Let’s hope it will serve as an example and make the community a (even) more reasonable one.
Keep up the good work!

Edit: Brought in the (even) because the largest part of Blender community allready is very professional and reasonable.