there is NO SPOON (really)

this image is inspired by something i saw on someone else’s site. if that was your site please don’t take offense :wink: . this was based on the best CG scene in everyone’s favorite effects movie THE MATRIX. please send some comments -

vistit my site at

Damn that’s funny, I did one of these about a year and a half ago… maybe it was mine you saw, that’d be funny.
Look familiar?

I use it for the 404 html error page “page not found”

anyways, cool shpooon!


that WAS yours i saw! that’s weird that you read this post so fast. i hope there’s no hard feelings about me stealing your design. its still a great movie anyway. thanks for the props

haha, no prob man, glad I could inspire. same thing happened the other day when I posted the hourglass, I saw some OTHER hourglass, and decieded to make my own. Ya, I just got home from work, checked elysiun, good timing :slight_smile: