There should be an xmas blendergame contest or just for fun.

(doogs) #1

I wont run it but you guys should do that. itd spread christmas cheer.


(ineedanewbi) #2

well … you in good luck :smiley:
did u hear abou the dontest?

the contest started long ago, (for those who need the time) and it entries end on Jan 15(last time i checked) just after christmas break… when busy ppl like students and workers get extra time to do this stuff

go to for more details

(jrt) #3

Could be a good idea doogs if enough people were interested in just making a quick game with a Christmas theme. Unfortunaly I wouldn’t be able to host it either as I don’t know enough about these things…Phew!..Lucky me!

It crossed my mind when I was making my latest game that it would have been quite suitable for Christmas if it had been a snow scene. Santa delivering presents, but I thought that would tie it to Christmas and I wanted the cargo to explode when it fell off, could hardly have exploding presents.


(Script Mage) #4

If someone wanted to run the contest, how about doing a contest to make Christmas e-cards like NAN put out last year or the year before. If I remember right they were like really small games. One of them had something to do with a snowman & another had something where you could shoot an elf out of a cannon or something.

Does anybody else remember these?

I figure they’re small enough to get done quick and have
alot of fun with the ideas. Then exploding presents would
be fine.

(saluk) #5

We could use the speed game creation contest page for it:)

Anyone whos interested, please reply, I don’t want to do a contest with less than 4 people.

(digitalSlav) #6

i think exploding presents would be cool. heck that’s what i asked for for christmas :slight_smile: i think everyone is a little busy for a games comtest though :frowning: especially games that are going to dry out in a month. just my two cents

(Tonberry) #7

I made a ‘christmas game’ in Blender for a school project! :))
But my homepage was deleted because I haven’t logged in enough times… well… can create a new one! :slight_smile: