There's a forum, but the site looks dead....

(GSF) #1

I know that it takes time and money to build a site, but it seems as if the forum is the only thing running. There’s only been 4 CJ’s since the site’s beginning. I used to check a lot for new articles and stuff…anything coming?


(Dittohead) #2

thats because the forums is the main part of the community.

but we do need new cjs.

(bmax) #3

yea, we do. i thought i heard goofster saying he couldnt join the blender conference because “saturday is cj day”, but that didnt seem to have produced another cj so far. I think all these guys do is sit around the forum, and post their asses off - but on the other hand, kib doesnt have that many posts in fact, its only like 400 or so, even though he’s the admin, a moderator, AND the FIRST MEMBER!
i really dont know…

(bmax) #4

errr… i made a mistake - its just over 600 posts by kib, but still, theeth and s68 have like 2 times more!

(GSF) #5

Looks like something’s afoot!
Much fun to come.