??!! there's no any wide angle options???

i’m currently planning to do a short action sequence (cycles if it does matter), and i thought " must use wide angle shots, but since it’s CG, i can do animate the wide angle strength!"

but no…
i first went ahead to tweak the focal length… did nothing but zoom in and zoom out…
then with the FOV, did the exact same thing…

normally, when you get to a low focal length, you get a little barrel effect where the sides are a bit distorted, and some sorts, but NOPE! all it did was zooming in and out…

i mean, how could blender miss this feature? utilizing different lenses is crucial to cinematography, and we don’t have it in blender… it shouldn’t even be hard to implement…
or am i doing the wrong thing? please tell me so…

for those who don’t get me, look at this pic

even though the bridge is straight, it’s a bit curved, in animation, when you move around with a wide angle lens, it feels like you’ve moves alot more, and gives a feeling of grand, and epic

Not sure if I get your problem.
Upper image is with focal length 15 mm, the lower with focal length 50 mm. There is quite a distortion from the wide angle lens if you ask me…?

Did you use a Panoramic camera? Lens distortion doesn’t show on Perspective ones.

ok, i might not have stated it, but though barrel distortion is not a desired effect on most lenses, it’s a must in wide angle shots/animations,
i’ve just rendered these 3 in order of 15mm, 35mm, 50mm
it might look like they’ve “distorted” but in reality, they’ve been zoomed in, and there’s no barrel distortion

you see the straight red line? the “bridge” is still straight, so nothing is distorted to look ultra side, it’s just the same effect as placing the camera further back…

and yes, i get it, the spacing between the bars are bigger, and that is good, but is only part of what you’d call a physically correct ultrawide lens

as to the reason why i want the “barrel” distortion, because, though not useful in pictures, when done in animation, it makes the object move faster around the sides, and slower at the middle,
and if you to a pan track, the background blurs more around the subject which makes you feel like you’re panning more than 360

It still looks like the result of a Perspective camera. A Panoramic one (especially at 18mm or under) should show the distortion you want to achieve.

In fact, I did a simulation of your scene with some cubes and indeed it does. It may require some tweaking, as Panoramic cameras are harder to setup in Cycles than BI.

can you please give me that file…

i don’t know how to set this up… i can only find the mm settings for fish eye renders, and i don’t like fish eyes

It was done with (more or less) this settings.

The trick to make horizontal lines curved was to tilt up/downwards the camera. A horizontal camera doesn’t show the curvature so much.

EDIT: If you really need it, I’ll redo the scene. I didn’t even save it.

erm, thankyou

but i’m getting this spherical render…? are the image that you posted cropped? because i want this for an animation, and that’s a no for cropping every frame…


You just have to adjust lens length or FOV until the sphere is cropped by the frame. The sensor size can help, also (although it looks more like a simple zoom).

Have fun experimenting! :slight_smile:

the lens distortion is something you can do with a node in the compositor. its faster and you can do it as much as you like

erm… yes, but can i animate the distortion value?

Yes you can, but I wonder why you would want to.
Perhaps you have your reasons, but I simply can’t understand them, so I’d appreciate some explanation.
As I understood you wanted to achieve real distortion that real lenses give us, right? (“barrel distortion”). If so - animating it doesn’t seem to make sense. In the real world you have no control over that distortion. It simply is there and that’s it.

Maybe he wants to animate the focal length and have the distortion match?