These bugs are killing me... any advice?

With every new feature that I learn about in blender, I seem to be discovering more bugs as well… This is really getting on my nerves. The whole no-autosave-on-quit thing has finally got to me, when I realized once and for all that a quit.blend does NOT exist on my machine. Anywhere.

I have programmed a macro into my keyboard to automatically save, close blender, restart it, and open my project. I use this macro about once every 30 seconds, and I’m not exaggerating. Multiple display issues start popping up when I use the game preview… some meshes completely dissappear… some textures turn completely white… some textures look like they’ve been mapped incorrectly, and other random wierdness occurs. And all these errors are perfectly systematic. They occur ANY time I change something. Add a logic brick, restart blender. Edit a mesh, restart blender. Very aggrivating.

Just recently I started incorporating sounds into my blend file. What a nightmare. Half the time whenever I do anything with sounds blender will simply crash. Bye-bye three minutes of work, again for the fifteenth time. In this time I could’ve made five games by now!

Ok so maybe this thread was just to let off a little steam… but I really am looking for ANY advice of any kind… I’ve updated graphics drivers, gotten the newest versions of blender whenever they come out… made sure no other programs were running, even in the background… I’ve done everything just short of a total reformat.

So… what do you guys have for me? :wink:

Step one, submit a bug report.

Or at the very least stop by the #blendercoders irc channel and talk to the people there. If there is an issue, the devs need to know about it.

As for the quit.blend, a tmp folder must first exist on the root of your drive. You can just render something with blender and it will show up. I wasn’t getting a quite.blend until I rendered something and Blender made a C: mp folder for it. I’m guessing it has something to do with permissions.