Thicker Cylinders?

Hi Group,

I am a total noob using Blender (my second day) and this is my first post :slight_smile:

Here’s what I am trying to do:

  • I need a ultra smooth cylinder that is open at both ends.
  • It needs to be thick, like a metal bolt.
  • Both ends of the cylinder need to have a clean straight cut (not smoothed or beveled)

I hope this makes sense!

Any ideas?


How can a cylinder be open at the ends but like a bolt which is basically a solid cylinder?
Do you want a solid cylinder or a open ender cylinder with the walls having a thickness

Hey Richard…My apologies, I meant a metal NUT, not a metal bolt :slight_smile:

I need an open cylinder (that is super smooth) with thicker walls.

Is this what you want?
The edge split modifier gives the sharp edges and the optional subsurf modifier gives the higher resolution mesh to give a very smooth look.


Beautiful! Thank you for that video, its exactly what I needed!


No problem.


Nice, I have never used the edge split. I wondered how you could keep things sharp and smooth. Thanks for sharing!