Think posting new threads is having issues

This is mostly because I just posted a thread and it failed to show up, and also because in the News and Discussion thread there is a huge amount of a single thread. Maybe it’s an internal issue???

new threads in the tutorials forum must be approved before they show up

the lots of a single thread [as you saw in news & chat] I blame on a bug [in vbulletin and/or internet explorer], but I don’t have many leads to track it down.

Well I just tried to add a thread to News and Discussion, and again it did not show up. Are those too supposed to be approved?

BTW : using Firefox

were you logged in by the time?

Some says they are logged out of after 10 minutes, maybe they failed to set it to “Remember me”.

I had the same problem, but I was posting in Texture & Lighting…

me too! I can’t make a new thread in “off topic chat” - the screen goes white after I try to post and it says “done” at the bottom. this has happened on different computers with different browsers too

Hey I still can’t post new threads in ANY section of the forums. PLEASE help. right now I’m using firefox

I hate to triple post but nobody’s said anything. I can’t post ANY new threads in any part of the forums. have I been banned or something? I can reply to topics already created but I can’t start any. pretty annoying…

No you are not banned.

If you got problem remove the cookies and clean the cache for your browser, and try to do a new login. That’s my tip.

thanks for the tip, but it didn’t work. still can’t post new threads anywhere in the forums. in ie or firefox

I feel your pain NodeRanger!

I still cannot post to the Tutorials thread. Everytime I try, I get a dialog, in Firefox, that’s giving me options for a file called “newthread.php”. In other words, it’s trying to download the file. I didn’t used to have this problem so, I don’t know what has changed. All other forum sites that I post to have no problems so, it doesn’t seem to be an issue on my side. When using IE, I just get an error page. I get the same results when trying to Preview the new thread.

Also, I have no problems here when replying to posts; only when creating a new thread.

Is this a known issue?


posting new threads in Tutorial forum need approval from the staff, meaning, we need to approve your threads before they become visible, but I don’t know if this is connected to your problem.

Yeah, I know about the approval process but, I can’t even post a new thread to get it approved. My browser keeps popping up a download dialog for the “newthread.php” file. In IE, I just get an error page. Strange…

Hmm. I’m getting the same thing NodeRanger was getting a month ago. I try to post a new thread and the screen just goes blank in FireFox, in IE I get an error page. Is there a solution?

Edit: There may be a solution. For some reason it didn’t like it when the subject line started with “Blender.” I removed it and it posted fine (I then edited the title to include it).