Thinkbox Deadline free for 10 nodes

Just a heads up. Amazon Thinkbox deadline is now free for up to 10 render nodes. (Used to be two)
This is perfect for anyone who has a few extra computers to render with.


Iā€™m assuming you still pay for the instances though, right? You just get a capacity of up to 10 without having to submit a request. Before I scaled up my farm I was able to render with 2 but I still paid for the infrastructure and instances.

Not sure what you mean by the Infrastructure and instances,

I just downloaded it installed it on my 7 computers and away you go.

Aha, so your rendering with all local computers. Neat!

I use AWS/Deadline to render in the cloud, which is why I was confused.

Right, I though that may be the case after I posted.
Not sure if they are offering a deal with that.

Amazon makes AWS Thinkbox software available free.

It is true ? :no_mouth:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has made its AWS Thinkbox software products ā€“ Deadline, Draft, Krakatoa, Frost, XMesh, Sequoia and Stoke ā€“ available for free.

Anyone with a free AWS account can download the software, with 50,000 one-year licences available for each. Users of Deadline and Krakatoa can also obtain Usage-Based Licensing (UBL) render time for free.