Thinking out loud,


Stairs - walking up -> fine

walking down -> not so fine - plays same animation as walking up (does not work out so well)

I have planes, under the player labeled “Map” and I use the normal value of the plane to align the player to it’s up axis ,

however I need to get the up direction, of the stairs, so I can change animations based on facing,

so I am pretty sure I can use normal…

I’ll post any progress I have here,

logic -> raycast,

if hit property stairs,

if own.worldOrientation - normal Y orientation <90 = walk up stairs animation

if own.worldOrientation - normal Y orientation > 90 = walk down stairs animation

how do I turn a normal into a rotation?

dope! lol, a plane, above the step up height, ghost invisible, that does apply force -z pushes the feet down,