Thinking that an old closed thread needs to be reopened!!!!!!!! SVN security issue

I was trying to search for the relax mesh tool script on Google which pointed me to Once I had entered the website, I clicked on the download link, but I got a certificate warning stating that the download page is an untrusted website. I did a search and I found an old thread from this forum discussing about someone else having the same exact problem. However, the thread is now closed, and the last response about this issue was stating that Ton was either busy or nobody cares to fix this. So It has been 18 months since the last post, and I am just wondering if either 1. this is still the case, 2. it is because I found the link from Google and there is now a new website, or 3. if my browser is just not compatible. I just cannot imagine that nobody else has complained about this issue not being resolved, and for whomever closed the old thread, it was not a bright idea.

So It has been 18 months since the last post…and for whomever closed the old thread
Threads are automatically closed if there have been no posts in the last 12 months

Yeah, the svn cert is self-signed or something.

Nothing to see here folks, move along…

Hey BnTheMan,

You need to add the certificate of the svn blender site to your browser certificates list. If you do that, problem should be solved. Do you know how to do that?


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