Third person camera with target

Can anybody give me a tutorial teaching to do this?

It’s kinda simple. Parant your camera to the player and enable the slowpar fuction. Then make a plane and put a target texture on it with add enabled. Then parant the target infront of the camera.

Uh… I forgot to say one thing:
I want a mouse controller, just like an FPS, but in third person.

Well. Then you’ll have to either write your own Python script for the FPS thing or just use someone elses script. Lots of people want FPS controls so theres lots if tuts and example files out there that will help. Social has posted something for that in this thread:

I will write a small and detailed tut for your third-person thing if it’s too confusing for ya.

I didn’t make a tut … but I made an exemple file here:

It is a first and third person view swith

hope it helps

Thanks to the file, jbperin.
And master, I would like to have a more specific tutorial, teaching to create a TPS camera, with a mouse target. I don’t have much time to adapting.


Set your camera up behind the player(Or wherever you want) Then select the camera(Right-Click) then select the player WHILE holding down shift. You should select both of them. After that, press CTRL+P. There should be a little option that says “Make Parent” Click that and then press “F7” inside the buttons window. Inside the Anim Settings, find a button called “SlowPar” then enable it. In the same window(Anim Settings) you should find something else called “TimeOffset 0.00” Set that to whatever you like best. Ussually 10 to 15 is good. Now the camera should be good. After that, make or get a reticle texture(Aimer) then place it on a plane. Place the plane infront of the player or infront of the camera. Ok, go to “UV Face Select Mode” then in the “Editing” window(F9) go to the little window that says “Texture Face” Find a button called “Add” then enable it. Your reticle should be semi-transparent. After your done placeing the reticle(Aimer) and your sure you want it there, parent it by selecting the player then holding down shift then select the aimer. Then parent them by pressing CTRL+P and clicking “Make Parent” If you don’t want the camera to kinda follow the player really slow, just disable the “SlowPar” button OR changing the “TimeOffset 0.00” value.

Heh, everyone is just looking for a quick fix.

TPS mouse controlled camera system is easy to make from an fps template such as the one in the link posted by master-noob earlier.

It’s just a matter of moving the camera where you want it to be.

I will actually be writing a tutorial on a 3rd person camera setup for our Blender User Group on Nov. 18th. It is based on work by ineedanewbike and ST150. It combines both of thier techniques to achieve what I feel is a usefull setup. I do not like reinventing the wheel only integrating what I feel is the best parts of multiple techniques.

I hope to get approval from ineedanewbike and ST150 before posting it on the Michigan Blender Users web site. Sorry I couldn’t offer a quicker fix for ya but I have about a hunderd projects I am trying to get off the ground.




its been along time since i’ve used blender, but i made a slight update to my old 3rd person camera set up, u can download them here

camera set up A is like max payne, fixed behind
camera set up D is like splintercell can toggle between fixed and nonfixed
i’ve made them in and tested them in blender 2.25, so it may run a bit slow on newer versions.

if you want to start a new game just open up the file import your artwork/characters and parent them into the dynamic object. it has walking jumping and looking

this file was made to help people get a kickstart on game making without having to learn python for mouselook scripts or having to recreate character controls again and again. feel free to use it or post it wherever you like. maybe someone could pin/post or upload this file somewhere so that everyone will be able to download it in the future?

enjoy :smiley:

ineedanewbi : thank you very much for your example :slight_smile:

I have tried all the files, and they are all very interesting.

In fact, in Bullet (2.42a), I have just change some parameters (in actor parameters, and change some keyboard movement. I have use the camera_D, which is great to create some rpg example !

Just a question : how do I do to make that the movement of the camera folow the mouse only when :
I move the mouse (it’s ok in your file ;)) + I click on the middle button of the mouse (or the right button, If you want).

I have selected the plane “view” , and try to create a Sensor “mouse - middle click”, and link this sensor to the python controllers ( and do the same with the other plane (“base”) and link another Sensor “mouse - middle click” to the controller ( of this plane, but it doesn’t work.

Thank you for your files :smiley:

hi, blendman

so you want the angle of the camera to move only when the mousebutton is held down and the mouse is moved. to be able to do that, you will need to know some python.

create a sensor called “key” with the mouse button u want and link it to the logic brick like you tried earlier.

you must edit the scripts to include

key = cont.getSensor(“key”)

if key.isPositive():

now tab the rest of the script so that the mouse look script will only run when you are holding that key down.


nothing happens

Hi Ineedanewbi
Yes, it’s what I would like to do.
I have try your python controller, but I have to change :

key = cont.getSensor(“key”)


key = control.getSensor(“key”)

And it’s ok !!! That work very well !

Thank you again for that great file :stuck_out_tongue:

Very useful. I really liked it, it’s working very well. But I tried and tried, and I couldn’t use it with my robot (yes, my character is a robot). Could you explain what have you done on these files?