Third Person Script Help

I’m hoping I could get some help setting up a simple Third Person game.

Currently I have a cube with all my jump, strafe right/left, back and forward set up. I also have an FPS script taken from someone in here I think, but It controls the camera very strangely when it is behind the character.

I am trying to figure out how to control the camera with the mouse, like for example in Dead Space where it’s always looking at a certain area and rotates around it.

What I would like is for the mouse to make the camera go up and down while always looking at a certain object, and have it so that when you move the mouse left/right it rotates the player (Cube) left/right.

If there is any sort of script out there that could do that I would be so grateful, if not, are there any tutorials out there about mouse control over the camera, or any way to edit the FPS script to make it a third person script?

i have done pretty much what you’re looking for… now altho my solution is far from perfect and also quite unfinished … i think you can extrect the things you need from it.
lemme upload it real quick and post it in a new thread.

here you go