Third Person Template

Basic 3rd person template with mouselook.

oh c’mon you just used fps mose look script. Anyone can apply the script to an epty, parent a camera to it and move it away. This is not 3rd person look.

Yea as Bake_n_Fake said this is really simple and I can tell you put no effort into this at all and it probably took you not even 5 minutes to make. You didn’t even use your own mouse look script you copy pasted from someone else’s work. You could of AT LEAST added in a slow parent to make it look a little more like a third person game but no you didn’t.

Ouch, rough crowd.

I can see by your guy’s join dates that you’ve yet to embrace this community’s supportive nature.

It’s easy enough to make observations without belittling someones efforts. there may be a call for such a simple template for a fledgling blenderhead that just joined that isn’t too complicated, for them to learn from.

Just my thoughts.


Sorry if I was harsh I see what kuro was saying but I thought I might give some help on his work but I guess it was way to much

No sweat, moving on, I agree a couple more small improvements may be added, such as zbryanz suggested. this would be a good starting point for newcomers to blender.

When I first started, i was quickly overwelmed by the existing third person template. I like the idea of adding slow parenting, as that’s what my game has as well, good suggestion zbryanz. I think you should gussy it up as well with some logic like a camera collision system, which is a must, and something that creates a hurdle for new users.