Third wave human powered armor

My latest work for my race is a powered armor for humans. Actually it’s for a female, but you can hardly recognize that with all the armor.
Perhaps i have to work on some details again and assign other materials to some parts. But nevertheless i call it finished:

(All images are previews)

And here’s an image of the “base pose” to get the front details:

The gun is an OICW which is real.:

I really like the OICW, because it looks so futuristic ^^
That’s why i made it for this model.

c&c welcome

very metroid but very cool. would really like to see it in action.

WOW, nice model

nicely detailed… agree with digitalSlav(e), would love to see it in action…

For some reason, it reminds me of the halo character…

the work was inspired by somebody else artwork:

this is the thread where i got it from:

The helmet (esp. the glass) was inspired by Halo’s PA.

If somebody wonders, how a human can fit into this thing:

  1. the feet end in the lower legs. that’s the reason why the lower legs of the PA are longer than the upper legs.
  2. the lower arms are pure artificial. the lower arms of a human are inside the upper arms of the PA and the upper arms of a human make its “shoulders”

i used a generic female model of Poser4 for creating this work. This female model exactly fits to the interior of the PA

Great job on the OICW, I’m also a fan of this gun (wish I had one). Overall, everything looks incredible, no crits here.

Excellent modeling! I have only one complaint, and that is the shadows… The individual shadows are too far apart and it looks sort of odd.

It must be a pain to control the lower arms and lower legs… Unless I’m misunderstanding the concept of “power armor” :-?

I also wish I had one of those guns…

Hehe, i got one of those… at least as a 3D model.

A “powered armor” in this casemeans, that the hole structure is mechanized and human strength augmenting. THus it should be now “pain” at all :slight_smile:

The PA is also connected to the human brain (=>matrix), for better control.

Here’s a pic how a female human fits into that thing:

Nice modelling, but the she cant move her feet or her hands, , wouldnt it be better for control if she could?

I pity you for having to animate that thing.

it’s very good, but somehow it looks a bit like a plastic toy…i think you need to work a bit more on the matirials

Small update. I’ve added some new elements (shoulder shields) and designed a new set of weapons.

those ammo belts are horrible to rig and pose :-?

Very nice! Luv the new update. Like the guns under the elbows. Maybe add more female fetures to the armour. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe add a little battle damage if you want, but I think you are going for a “brand new” type feel here. Overall nice pic and design.

WOW! :o great model. like the guns in the most recent render. :smiley:

not so sure about the underelbow guns though. I’d feel uneasy with them. it looks like the path of the bullet goes JUST under the arm. last thing you need is for it to get a little bent out of shape and then bye bye arm! or rotate your wrist downwards for something and then have it blasted off… of course maybe there’s some intelligent aiming system that can tell if it’s about to blow the wearer to pieces.

also, the ankles: they look too small for a real foot, and the middle of the (foot) looks more narrow than any human arch I’ve seen… which leads me to think that maybe the feet are cut off and then mech attachments grafted onto the stumps… I dunno I just don’t believe you could fit a real ankle in there.

That’s pimped.
Meaning good.

Whew awesome :smiley: Might get pretty uncomfortable having to have your feet pointed the whole time your in the thing though :expressionless:

very very good model! I really like it :smiley:

I would love to see this in a game :stuck_out_tongue: going around blasting those guns would be cool.

My only crit are the feet, does she have feet? because I don’t see how its possible to fit them in that armor :stuck_out_tongue:

Good work :slight_smile: