This Big (nudity)

Blender Internal with Raytracing, GIMP. The model is only slightly posed (no joint more than about 30 degrees off neutral). I was mainly going for a desktop background sort of feel with the image.

Here is the picture, click on the thumbnail to see a larger version:

The “WIP” page. Really just wires, development workspace, and some close-up detail of the artwork. Comments and critiques as usual. It shouldn’t need to be said, but if you have nothing constructive to say, you could keep your comments to yourself.

As usual, .blend and other .blends/images at my Blender renders page. If you want to keep track of when I make new renders, get my RSS feed at my site for art nudes. Also use that site if you make artistic nudes using computers. Bandwidth is decent, RSS feeds are built in. If enough people use it, I’ll consider upgrading software to something more usable.

Looks good, she’s a very average girl. Post process really hides too much. Now you just need to put her in a real scene (standing at the baggage claim trying to locate a package).

Ah ha! Well… imagine if you will that you are the creator of this scene, do you think you might be able to… Blend the two (pardon) together to make an ULTRASCENE? Heh. (Yes, I know you know about it, as you posted a comment to it, just being silly)

I’m just working on how to get this model that’s been modelled for Blender’s internal scanline renderer to work right on Yafray’s renderer. I need to figure out how to export the textures from Blender, or how to get something similar using GIMP. Once that’s done… voila!

Thanks for the critique. Do you think you could elaborate at all about how the postprocessing hides something? Are you comparing against the renders I made with five copies of her in various poses a week or so ago?

I could go into details, if only I knew what I was talking about. :slight_smile: What I mean to say is the colors are all wrong. The overdriven light has completely washed out the middle areas and the overly contrasted darkening has entirely hidden the shadowed areas. And the hard added shadow edges (or whatever it is called) has made her lips look like clown lips. Hope that helps.

I can imagine her in the other scene. She’s flying around like a magical tinker bell. :slight_smile:

Is this ALL you do? maybe put some cloths on her next time for the sake of the forum. I think we would all like that better.

This is that girl again. I have to say, it is a nice rendering of the body. Something that I haven’t touched upon yet (except with MakeHuman), but could you work on that face a bit more? I haven’t had enough beers to give it a 5 star rating. Just kidding, I know you want serious comments, and the human body is very hard to render, no matter what medium is used. Some people have problems with nudity. I don’t. I have been to art school for many years and nudity doesn’t phase me a bit. Another challenge in BLENDER particularly is clothing. That’s another topic.

  1. If you think you have a valuable addition to Blender art and this forum, then create art and post it. What’s your problem with the style of others?

  2. Don’t think you know what ‘we all’ want. I’m not too much into nude pics, but I think you should speak for yourself only.

It was just that when he posts these nude renders the majority of the people that respond usually complain about something. I can remember one particular post, I’ll see if I can bring it up. Don’t mean to start an argument here. Let’s stay friends at elysiun. :wink: lol

Match the camera and lights in your girlie scene to the ones in your Yafray architectural scene. Tweak and render (with alpha) your girlie in Blender. Composite the two in Gimp. Tweak some more. Keep doing it until it looks right. You’ll probably need a shadow only plate to composite under the girl. Have fun.

Really? You think it would be quicker to composite the two in 2D rather than fix textures to work in Yafray (and hence do a single render with both in Yafray)?

Your advice about how to do it in 2D is pretty sound, so if I do end up going that route, I’ll likely do exactly this. Thanks for your (very constructive) reply!

MakeHuman is going to make for some really good human art, I hope. I don’t see any work going on with their rigging software, though, which is really the current shortcoming with organic modelling in Blender, so it’s kind of sad (for me, personally). It’s okay, they can work on whatever they want. They’re excited with coding SSS and their website and such.

I haven’t got a clue about Yafray. haven’t rendered anything other than a cube with it. The answer to your question depends on the extent of your knowledge with Yafray’s texturing and the complexity of the girlie shading.

But I’ll venture a guess that it is faster to render a modified version of the girlie scene in Blender and composite in 2D. Faking as much of the lighting as possible… After all they are both Blender scenes so apending the camera from the room file to the girlie file is a snap.

I like nudity in art. Human body is beautiful. Even if someones fat and ugly his body may be beatufil as a form, object. So, it doesnt bother me that you make pictures with nudity. But I think that you focus too much that there should be nudity in your works and less on pictures quality. Proportions are bad. She is too thin, theres something wrong with her face and use of colors is really poor. I dont like the lights either. And for expression - theres no life in her. She looks like a dummy with bad proportions. Sorry for the crits, but I think that you should work more on your next work

I remember people saying the head looked too big and I still don’t think it looks right. But I can’t figure out why it doesn’t look right.

imo, the body looks right, the head have some problem. I think it’s because of the nose and also the way the cheek join with the bottom of the jaw. It looks too straight. It’s hard to say in this view.

I don’t want to start an argument here, just a suggestion to you,
since you joined the forum, the only images I saw from you was with this girl (and I think you did another one too) and the architectural thing (which was pretty nice imo). I’d seriously try moving on to a new character model or something. Or as someone explained, making good looking clothe is a serious challenge too, and I’m not saying this because of the nudity, I don’t care about it. I’d try looking into making a new model, a better one. There is probably some area of your model your could optimise and stuff, and making a new one or a completly different character (a male) could make you learn a bunch of new things.

hope you take this suggestion into account for your next image…

why is she so ugly, and what kind of wierd person would actually have a nude women on there desktop… I mean, I like seeing a nude women as much as the next guy, but thats just strange. None the less, She is ulgly too.

don’t get me wrong, the modelling was great, if you were going a girl with an ugly body, ugly tits, and fat head. then yeah man.

Great Job! :smiley:

Why don’t you look up Janet Jackson breast.

Anyways, the body isn’t ugly at all, I don’t think the face is ugly, but it doesn’t seem natural for some reason

Hi PhiloVivero,

Nice project going on. I saw this girl before, but it keeps getting better and better. I think you should try to make the skin look better (maybe SSS and a less bleached look?)

Can I see some detailed wires, front and back + from the face? I like the knees and want to see if I can improve things in my own girl-model.

Did you rigg her? … or did you manually pose her in the 5 poses?

*** edit ***

I found some blend files at your site and will have a look to see how you solve certain things:-)

Take care

Have anyone consider modeling a nude guy ?

Yes, we have, but no guy here has overcome the homophobic aspect, and no gal here has been brave enough to do so (yet).