This Crashes Blender Everytime

Hi All,

I just noticed there is no bug reporting forum. Feel free to move this to an appropriate section.

In Blender 2.34, 2.44, 2.45.

Try this.

1.)Launch Blender.
2.)Select the Sequence Layout.
3.) Add the Scene to the sequencer.
4.) Change the length of the animation from the default of 250 to something higher, like 600 frames.
5.) Select the scene in the Sequencer and press the letter C.
6.) Choose the “Update Start and End” from the popup menu and Blender crashes!:eek:

NOTE: This did not happen in version 2.42. I discovered this by doing the titling tutorial on That tutorial was done in blender 2.42.


But you have to go to the bug tracker at and post it there :wink:

That page has too much crap on it.

I’ll let someone else post the bug who is already in the loop.

Don’t expect it to get fixed then.

I added the issue to the tracker.

Atom: You only have to register to the bug tracker once. The description was clear and a good report itself. Registering and sending bug reports is the least you can do to help to improve the quality of Blender. :slight_smile: