this is a project I have been working on

This is an image I have been working on. It is not done, but I don’t know what else i want to do with it. I am pretty new to 3d graphics so I know it isn’t the best but I thought it was pretty good. Please give me feedback.

That’s a good start. If you’re looking for something else to do with it, it seems like an excellent image to practice shadowing and spotlights. A little bit of contrast in the lighting can bump an image up a few notches.

Nice start!

Now you can try to learn EnvMapping by making that 8 ball reflecting the environment!


Do you know where I can learn envmapping?

Here is a tute I made for env mapping spheres ->

Nice start as well. Give us a render with the 8 ball env mapped.


I have been trying to put an envmap on my 8 ball but it isn’t turning out how I want it to, I have changed the textures of the enviroment so it looks more realistic and I have added shadows, I wondering if anybody knows how I could make the glass look more like crystal like with all the different colors in it.