This is depressing

Not the forum but how time has gone and remembering the old days. The fights on off topic chat. The 3 days bans that felt like forever.

I’m so happy how Blender has evolved and how great the art has become here. It evolved and I moved on with my life. I have a wife and two little kids now. Started with blender and left it for programming. Still miss this place but it can’t be the same.

I wish that when I was younger that I worked harder (it was hard because I had a depression that I got treatment a few years back) and I hope you all follow your dream but work real hard. Really really hard, every day and do the best you can. Before you know it time catches up to you and you have to be an adult.

I’ll visit this forum more often but I might now post as much.

Just letting this out there. Peace.


all hail ton

And, hey … why does anything actually have to “be ‘over?’” :yes: The pathways and by-ways of life often weave back to the same places. Even though you’re “an adult,” that doesn’t mean you still can’t be a kid.

If you fought-off clinical depression, and have now (yay!) won that battle, you should bear in mind that the experience still affects you. It can never be something you completely forget. But it may well also mean that, as the distance-in-time continues to grow, away from that awful experience, you’ll rediscover the magic of 3D Graphics all over again. And, enjoy it all over again. Even if it isn’t what now feeds you, your wife and those beautiful kids.

Blender continues to grow to become an even-more-amazing tool, every day. (It’s nothing like the tool that I remembered, either.) Even if now it’s just a hobby … what a marvelous hobby it is to have.

I rejoice with you, that you have defeated that awful demon of Clinical Depression. “Welcome back.”