This Is Fine

I created this claymation like loop in blender cycles. The flames and cloud are volumes with hair particle system for enhanced cotton ball like effect. The dog is just a simple rig.

Hope you like it.
Feel free to use it to your hearts content
this on Gipy

this on Google Drive HQ

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Wow that must be one hot-dog :upside_down_face:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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:rofl: Top comment.

Very cool, I love it!

The textures and lighting are superb! well done.

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Very cool loop, love it! Is it a famous dog or your own design? He reminds me of someone but not sure who…

What I really like is the little variations in the legs’ when they move. It’s as if the animator had left his fingerprints when animating it. How did you do that, with a displace modifier or with the shader or wot?

Its a Meme!

Its both animated displace modifier and a fingerprint texture in for a normal map.


Aaaaah, right, I did know that. Should have searched “This is fine” instead of “dog fire” (i don’t recommend it)
Thanks for the info!

love it :fire: