This is it! This is the day my CG education starts!

Hi everybody, im just so exited since im going to start in a new school, who educates all sorts of computer generated graphics.

The thing is, that before, when ive had a great idea, floating around in my head, ive had so much trouble just to actually make it (good), but after these years, i can finally feel like a real 3D artist, and do what i want to do: Create.

So, to be short, today is the first day in my new school, and i think this is going to be great!
Its a start to be a real artist.

(And school should get my thoughts of that girl.)
Sorry about my fail English today, its so early, i can barely keep my eyes open.:wink:


And when you are bashing your head in frustration against something-or-other, (a) remember us here, and (b) perservere.

As one person put it, “90% of anything worth doing is drudgery.” And I’d add that “9% of the remainder is frustration.” But… that remaining 1% …

… is magic.

Some days you’ll feel like the sorcerer. Other days, the sorcerer’s apprentice. The rest of the time, the broom and the bucket.

Congrats, Konoha!

So far, all good, but there are four girls in my class, and one (!) in the other.
But i would change those four for her, since she is the only one pretty.

Ok, im just wondering, how come there are so many more boys who are interested in cg, than girls.

So, i think ive made a good decision when it comes to my education and what i want to do, cg is amazing.

Its the same with engineering, mechanics… etc. Just that kind of appeal I guess, not so unexpected.

I don’t normally comment about other people but… dude, shallow much? :no:

Nah, ok, i wasnt really serius about that. =)